SPOTTED: Shai Continues to Ball Out Wearing Louis Vuitton, Timberland, Chanel & more


Basketball’s man of the moment, named officially as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and more colloquially as Shai, made sure to get his weekly highlight reel onto his Instagram feed, which included some eye-catching ensembles.

In his typical style, the Oklahoma City Thunder star elevated some streetwear-based looks with high-fashion standouts, including industry powerhouses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Starting off with a wholly vibrant look, Shai opted for a deep purple leather shirt and paired it up with a rich pink monogram Louis Vuitton baggy handbag, a pair of light wash blue ripped jeans, a knitted gradient bucket hat, as well as a pair of the ever reliable Timberland 6-Inch Boots. In another ensemble, everybody’s favourite point-guard rocked a Canadian tuxedo as he donned an indigo denim co-ord with a matching Chanel visor and a pair of cream sliders.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up the same Louis Vuitton baggy handbag and a pair of Timberland 6-Inch Boots now.


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