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Presenting Accra's Afro Paradise.

Located in the bustling city of Accra, Afro Paradise proved to be the go-to place to spend your New Years festivities as the experienced outfit celebrated their 5th annual New Years Eve party in Ghana’s capital city. Having already established themselves as the spot come December 31st in prior years, Afro Paradise’s rich array of talent, eclectic audience, and melting pot of diverse cultures draws crowds from far and wide, with this year’s event seeing some culture pushing acts take the stage and get everyone in the mood for 2024.

Taking place at Accra’s own Garage Lounge & Bar, the open-air venue got the vibes and drinks flowing just as freely as Ghana’s warm air breezed through the decorative ceilings and luxurious outdoor seating, with spacious standings and upstairs space giving attendees every opportunity to move freely and get in the groove. Attending the sold-out event, PAUSE made sure to get channel some Afro Paradise passion and positivity for the new year, aligning with both outfits’ mantra of championing cultural diversity, community engagement, and a global perspective.

With a jam-packed crowd and an even more jam-packed roster of acts, Afro Paradise’s 5th annual New Years Eve party had the hype turned all the way up to the max. Leading the way, headliners, tastemakers, and leaders of the Afrobeats scene DJ Neptizzle and Fiifii took to the stage and made no mistake in keeping the vibrations high, continuing to put themselves forward as mainstays of a rich cultural landscape. Most importantly, Afro Paradise’s show-stopping event made sure to stay true to themselves, underlining the importance of putting diverse cultures together, unifying music, dance and enjoyment, in addition to celebrating the rich tapestry of Accra’s imitable cultural identity.

Taking a deeper dive into the event as a whole, his experience of DJ’ing in Ghana, as well as the evolution of the Afrobeats scene, DJ Neptizzle sat down with PAUSE to give us a glimpse at his position as a cultural frontrunner.

Check it out below along with imagery from Afro Paradise’s 5th annual New Years Eve party.

How was your experience DJ’ing in Ghana compared to the UK?

DJ’ing Ghana is always a great experience. If you are playing outdoors be prepared to sweat, and if you are playing indoors the air con might just give you a cold! That’s the first big difference. Forget about sleep, because your set time could be 5am and yes people are still walking into the club at that time! Music wise, my set alters and I can play more newer Afrobeats records that haven’t blown – and may not blow – in the U.K. The happiness… there is just a happiness in the air. Everyone just seems happier, which leads to better vibes in the dance! 

You’ve been playing Afro sounds since you started, a real OG in the game! How much has Afrobeat music evolved throughout the years? 

It will be 17 years this year and I feel like I’ve been through so many moments and trending sounds. A significant part in the growth of the music for me is the production of the music. It has been fine tuned over time. The balance of African and western sounds palatable for a world market, which comes down to collaboration and connection of Africans on the continent and the African diaspora. 

How was your experience playing at Afro Paradise’s event in Ghana for New Years 2024?

It’s always the one I look forward to! Afro Paradise has really stamped its place as the place to be in Ghana on New Years Eve. It’s a new year and I’m doing what I love. I always feel the added pressure of giving a great set trying to make a moment for people to remember for years, and I always deliver.

What is your favourite Afrobeat song at the moment?

Right now it has to be OdumoduBlvck ft. Black Sherif, ‘Wotowoto Seasoning.’

Who is your favourite Afrobeat artist of all time? 

The answer is yes… LOL! It changes all the time. Artists within this scene are constantly pushing each other to reach newer heights, but then you have these new school acts coming through who look like they could go on to become future legends. You will have to ask me again in 20 years.

What are three tips for anyone wanting to become an international DJ?

Network with foreign DJs and promoters, there may not be another YOU in another country… so, connect and collaborate. Social media content! The world is online, so show them what you’ve got and don’t forget to let them know where the booking link is! DIY – if nobody is gonna fly you out, then fly yourself out and see what opportunities are available. Invest in yourself.

PHOTO CREDIT: Grahl Photography/Afro Paradise

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