Lynx Reimagine Luxury Scents with All-New ‘Fine Fragrance’ Collection

By March 21, 2024Grooming, Lifestyle

Formulated by World-Renowned Perfumers.

Truly redefining the idea of luxury fragrances, Lynx have beaten out some heavy-hitting competition with their brand new ‘Fine Fragrance’ collection.

Celebrating National Fragrance Week in optimal style, Lynx have stepped forward with their latest creative endeavour, titled ‘Fine Fragrance’, which consists of five scents in their classic 150ml aerosol cans. Leading the way scent-wise is the rich Black Vanilla essence, which underwent a recent study as Lynx went undercover and gave members of the public a chance to smell test their new product alongside a leading industry fragrance through a mysterious scented billboard on the banks of the Thames, with it eventually triumphing over Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. An outstanding 74% of men favoured Lynx’s latest over the designer fragrance, which is typically priced at a costly £294. For those curious individuals enticed by the mysterious scent, Lynx invited them back for the big brand reveal the next day.

After a period of speculation, musician Wes Nelson took to London’s Southbank to unveil to a crowd of Gen Z Londoners that Lynx was in fact the brand behind the £5 scent that had kept passersby guessing this past week.

In a statement about Lynx’s new ‘Fine Fragrance’ collection, Wes Nelson said the following:

“The fact that Lynx outperformed a luxury brand in a blind scent test is wild. I’ve spent more money than I’d like to admit on various fragrances, so I wanted to get involved and spread the word that Lynx have made a luxury scent at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone. I don’t think luxury is about the price tag, and this new scent proves that.”

Being priced at just £5, the rest of the Lynx ‘Fine Fragrance’ collection boasts an eclectic range of scents, including Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage, Copper Santal as well as the aforementioned Black Vanilla, with every scent having been crafted to smell as fine as a cologne but with the protection of a hardy deodorant. Being formulated by world-renowned perfumers from two of the best premier fragrance houses in the globe – Firmenich and Givauden – the ‘Fine Fragrance’ collection combines over 20 essential oils across the expansive portfolio and utilises premium ingredients such as amber and musks.

Shop Lynx’s ‘Fine Fragrance’ collection here.

Check out some imagery from Lynx’s London reveal below.


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