SPOTTED: Gunna Loves his Leather Wearing Dior, Enfants Richés Deprimes & Balenciaga

Doubled Up.

Gunna’s fashion escapades extend way back into his past, with his most famous Dior ensemble even being replicated by Rihanna for the Halloween season. Fast forward to today, Gunna puts on an undeniable show yet again, shining in a host of luxury garments.

Opting for a powerhouse trio of high-fashion houses, Gunna took to social media to provide an up-close and personal run-down of his newest outfit, with the centre pieces being a bold red leather Enfants Richés Deprimes ‘Opium Den’ Jacket paired up with a matching set of red leather Enfants Richés Deprimes Flared Jeans. Bringing in some black on either end of the ensemble, the ‘back to the moon’ star made sure that colour coordination was top of the agenda by rocking black Dior Diamond Rectangular Sunglasses and a pair of black Balenciaga Bulldozer Lug-sole Combat Boots.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up an Enfants Richés Deprimes ‘Opium Den’ Jacket and a pair of Dior Diamond Rectangular Sunglasses now.


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