BMW Pays Homage to Naomi Campbell with First Couture Car

Mystique Allure.

BMW debuted its first-ever couture car at the Cannes Film Festival, tying in odes to Naomi Campbell with an overhauled purple design. The design was handcrafted on BMW’s XM, an electric SUV aptly named Mystique Allure. 

Dedicated to Campbell’s mystique and adoration for haute couture culture, the handcrafted SUV incorporated couture codes based on lavender fields and a hazy purple atmosphere. The exterior is covered in shades of navy and purple, painted to appear velvety and to shine like sequins were attached to the body. Inside, Hans Zimmer took over the aux, blasting his tunes through the sculpted roof and visible lighting scheme. Swiss fabric adorns the entire interior, designed bt Jakob Schlaepfer, who’s worked alongside brands like Dior and Chanel. 

The BMW XM Mystique Allure is a one-of-one, just as Campbell was to the fashion world.

Take a look at the images here.

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