Manchester Label Tela Cruz is on the Pursuit of Excellence

“Thrown to the wolves, now I am the wolf.”

Flying the flag for the north, Tela Cruz is making luxury streetwear available for all. Born out of the 0161 (that’s Manchester for those not in the know) from the relentless drive of Creative Director Martin Garbett, the unisex label strives to disrupt fashion’s current consumer landscape while building a community grounded in trust and shared values through its unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Putting equal emphasis on craftsmanship and fashion-forward design, Tela Cruz’s aesthetic blends contemporary streetwear with classic codes. Releasing the first drop of its latest collection last month, the new offering adds to its ever-evolving portfolio of timeless silhouettes with a versatile lineup of sweatshirts, hoodies, tees, joggers, and shorts in multiple styles and colourways. 

Drop 1 is now available online via the Tela Cruz website.  

Check it out below. 


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