Songzio Opens Seoul Flagship Store ‘Galerie Noir’

By May 8, 2024Culture

"Galerie Noir seeks to converge art and fashion, the old and the new."

Introducing “Galerie Noir”Songzio‘s arts and fashion space, integrating a contemporary art gallery with Songzio’s flagship store.

Galerie Noir, located in Dosan Park, was Songzio’s first flagship store in 1993. Since the 90s, this area in Seoul has been a creative epicenter, combining sophisticated and stylish culture with youthful vibrancy. It’s a dynamic neighborhood with an energetic newness and a rare sense of calm that the central park evokes.

The brand’s ideas are exhibited through the modernistic architectural design, pure choice of raw materials, calculated use of light and reflections as well as dramatic curation of Songzio‘s artworks, which imbue a strong sense of emotion to this stoic space.

Take a closer look at the space below.


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