SPOTTED: Lil Yachty Links Up with Slawn in London for First Painting

One of One.

Hip hop hitmaker and multifaceted creative Lil Yachty continues to expand his creative arsenal as he teams up with London-based artist Slawn for his first painting.

Having been spotted appreciating his art from afar over these past few months, Lil Yachty takes things a step further with Slawn as he hits London for his “The Field Trip” tour, making his mark with a one-of-one piece of artwork. Keeping on-theme, Slawn and Yachty meet in the middle for this unique piece as the former combines his street art and Abstract Expressionist styles with Yachty’s “Concrete” music group and persona, with shades of blue, red, pink, white, and green layering across the sprayed piece with the title, “CONCRETE KILLER.”

Check out the piece here.

PHOTO CREDIT: @lilnonsen5e (via Instagram)

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