Natasha Zinko Resort 2025 Collection

By June 20, 2024Fashion News


In a world where nothing endures, space-age glamour is inevitably no exception. Natasha Zinko’s FW24’s SPACE RACE saw the designer envision thirty-five outfits suitable for the hopeful retrofuturism of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with its pastel-clad stewardesses, and Star Trek, where space-bound professionals remain sleekly uniformed. Now, for her Resort 2025 collection, she roughens the edges, channeling the postmodern sci-fi cynicism acutely felt in later works like Blade Runner and Alien. This collection suggests less of the bright, mid-century optimism and more of the anxious dystopianism that swiftly followed, which feels, admittedly, more prophetic in our own era.

PHOTO CREDIT: Natasha Zinko

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