PFW: Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2025 Collection


Walter Van Beirendonck’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection takes a breath of fresh air amidst the drama of our times. Diving into the story, it’s a collection that understands the power of joy, urging us to find it in the simple act of getting dressed. The collection takes inspiration from the duality of the clown, a figure balancing mirth and melancholy.
This translates into a playful interplay of proportions and textures. Think micro minis contrasted with oversized silhouettes, and a colour palette of baby blues and pinks that’s both sweet and rebellious. Bold 3D embellishments and playful patches add a touch of whimsy, while open-sleeved jackets wink at the audience. The shapes themselves are a delightful paradox: some cling to the body, while others cascade in a wave of fabric.
This season, he previewed his collaboration with G-Star RAW to introduce “STITCH LESS” garments – innovative pieces constructed with glue and red taping, a testament to modern, cutting-edge craftsmanship.This theme of playful construction extends to his Alcantara puzzle pieces: coats with transformative hemlines that convert into dramatic capes. The collection is full of these delightful surprises, urging the wearer to find joy in the unexpected.
Take a look at the collection below.

PHOTO CREDIT: @Walter Van Beirendonck

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