What Went Down at Primavera Sound Festival 2024 in Barcelona with CUPRA & Pull&Bear

PAUSE Heads to Primavera Sound Barcelona 2024.

Special thanks to Primavera Sound, CUPRA, Boiler Room and Pull&Bear.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow over the Mediterranean Sea, this weekend’s carefree spirit lingered in the air, having perfectly satisfied the appetites of attendees and festival lovers. Primavera Sound Festival 2024 had drawn to a close, leaving us with eyes wide open, as if we were awakening from the most perfect dream.

Some may argue that there’s nothing better in this world than attending a festival, coming together with those of a shared passion. However, experiencing a festival while traveling in luxury simply takes it to another level. Thanks to the festival’s automobile collaborator CUPRA, PAUSE immersed itself in the true essence of the ‘ultimate’ festival experience. With efficient transportation options and abundant amenities ensuring comfort, this was a new benchmark for music festivals. From a CUPRA pool party backstage before the festival to a lively cocktail-making event to kickstart the festivities, the district of Sant Martí in Barcelona and Sant Adrià de Besòs was the place to be.

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

Blending tradition with innovation, resonating deeply with the soul and redefining what a festival can achieve, there’s no wonder Primavera Festival upholds its reputation as one of Europe’s most premier events. 

Located in the northernmost end of the city of Barcelona, an eclectic lineup catered to diverse musical tastes. Spanning the perimeter of the coastal site, stages such as the Estrella Damm Stage, Santander Stage, Pull and Bear stage, CUPRA Stage, CUPRA x Boiler Room and more successfully combined cutting-edge technology with top-notch musical performances which enhanced the festival’s ambiance and offerings. The venue also hosted an official Pull and Bear stage alongside a Tattoo parlour, Tooth Gem section and a Maybelline New York pop-up. The three-way union between Boiler Room, CUPRA and Primavera Sound once again renewed its commitment to having the most avant-garde, bold and revealing proposals, which served as a delight.

PHOTO CREDIT: Silvia Villar

PHOTO CREDIT: Natalia Cornudella

PHOTO CREDIT: Natalia Cornudella

PHOTO CREDIT: @albaruperez

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

The festival burst into life with an electrifying start on Thursday, each stage offering a distinct sensory experience and a variety of unique vibes. At times, these diverse elements converged into moments of collective unity, capturing the true essence of what a festival is all about.

From a blooming performance by Peggy Gou (who has the ability to transform any season into summer), an iconic exploration of hip-hop history by Madlib and Freddie Gibbs as they revisited their decade-old joint album, “Piñata,” and a high-octane performance by multinational alternative K-POP collective Balming Tiger, the festival delivered an unforgettable array of performances, culminating in a gripping headline performance by PULP.

“This is our favourite festival in the world,” Jarvis Cocker proclaimed to the crowd during Pulp’s jam-packed set. His words, wise and heartfelt, foreshadowed the magic that would unfold over the next 48 hours.

An Exclusive Interview with Balming Tiger

You describe yourselves as a “multi-national alternative K-pop group” and refuse to be constrained to just one genre. How do you navigate different artistic visions within a group full of rappers, producers, writers, cinematographers and more? 

Trust is one of the most important things, we like different genres and different things and  the fact we all have completely varied makes the creative process so much more exciting. Most importantly it’s about respecting each other’s opinions and visions, we all have our own fields even though we’re all performers on stage, we have subtle positions within our group, everyone knows their space at the songwriters, the rappers, everyone.

How do festivals and live performances influence your creative process?

There are two big parts, performing is one part and then performing outside of the country is another part. When we’re touring like this it’s not only about performing but it’s nice to talk to new people, explore new places and experience all different types of culture, it kind of makes us appreciate ourselves and everyone else around us. In terms of our performances and seeing the crowd’s reaction, that’s what fuels our music, making so much more to make music, nothing beats the feeling you get when you’re on stage.

Do you collectively have a favourite part of the festival experience?

It’s really motivating for us to be on the same poster with some of the biggest artists in the world right now, so just the overall experience of performing at the festival is a big moment for us.

Coming up from a one-bedroom apartment in Seoul to travelling the world and sharing your sound across the masses – what has been a stand-out point of all of your careers?

There hasn’t been one specific moment, we’re all still just taking it all in, however our headline show was definitely a special moment.

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

Friday embraced a more mellow vibe, immersing attendees in a world of storytelling and inclusiveness. Primavera, after all, prides itself on celebrating all communities. “Nobody is Normal”.

Ethel Cain’s set on the Santander Stage featured alluring anecdotes behind gothic curtains and powerful calls for solidarity with Palestine as she performed in a “Palestine” t-shirt and Keffiyeh. Meanwhile, Omar Apollo captivated the audience at the Estrella Damm stage, seamlessly blending genres and languages, and leaving the crowd thoroughly enchanted prior to Troye Sivan’s unforgettable fusion of dreamy pop and immaculate stage presence.

PHOTO CREDIT: Clara Orozco

PHOTO CREDIT: Clara Orozco

Yet, all these stories inevitably converged on Lana Del Rey’s concert, arguably the most anticipated performance of this year’s festival. The Estrella Damm stage was transformed into a southern garden, complete with impeccable backing singers and a corps de ballet. At the center stood Lana Del Rey, dazzling in glitter boots and an equally glittery dress. Performing hits from “Without You” to “Young & Beautiful,” “Summertime Sadness” to “Bartender,” and “Born to Die” to “Video Games,” she left the audience captivated, transporting them to a vintage realm amidst a digital age.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sharon Lopez

By Saturday, the high-energy atmosphere persisted and Primavera’s electrifying vibe became quite literal. As rain began to fall and the end of the festival approached, thunder, lightning, and occasional showers couldn’t dampen the spirits of those eagerly awaiting the final night’s lineup featuring PJ Harvey, Charli XCX, Mitski, and SZA. Throughout the day, fans had already glimpsed the excitement to come, with Charli XCX hosting an exclusive DJ set by Barcelona beach, setting the tone with an intimate, energetic performance.

PHOTO CREDIT: Primavera Sound 2024

As evening hit, Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski graced the Estrella Damm stage with an expressive selection of songs including her Tik-Tok famous “my love is mine all mine” track, captivating the crowd before they were all aboard for SZA’s “SOS” headline performance. Set atop a swaying boat complete with a lighthouse, anchor, wrecking ball, and a sword (for her ex, of course), SZA’s performance was a visual and auditory feast. Her exploration of rock, pop, R&B, and alternative sounds left the audience in awe. Past midnight, and way beyond some people’s bedtime, Charli XCX transformed the venue into a rave, debuting her new single “Everything is Romantic” and perfectly capping off a 4-day bonanza of memorable experiences.

There’s always room for dessert, or at least you’d hope so. Sunday bid farewell to Primavera Sound 2024 with a delightful departing brunch. As we cruised back into the city in a luxurious, air-conditioned Cupra model, it was impossible not to imagine what 2025 might just have in store.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Bertrand

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