Asics Sportstyle Team Up with Kiko Kostadinov to Launch the GEL-FLAMMAE™

Available July 19th globally.

ASICS SportStyle and Kiko Kostadinov Introduce the GEL-FLAMMAE™.

Building on their series of women’s collaborations, ASICS and Laura and Deanna Fanning present their latest creation, drawing inspiration from archive net-burner styles.

The hybrid design prominently features elements from the GEL-Wahine™ II and the GEL-NETBURNER™ IGS II, extending the iconic ASICS stripes and lacing track. The shimmering material, inspired by today’s lycra-clad netball players of all ages and skill levels, is a key highlight of the design, especially noticeable in profile.

Having travelled abroad for inspiration, check out the campaign below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Asics Sportstyle and Kiko Kostadinov

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