Nike is Re-Releasing One of its Most Coveted Dunks

Wu-Tang Forever.

Following a cryptic Instagram post over the weekend, Nike teased that they will be releasing the hyper-limited Wu-Tang Dunk with details accessible via a phone number on the group’s website. 

Originally dropped in 1999, the Nike Dunk High is renowned as one of the most important and rare sneakers from the brand’s infamous Dunk era. The duo dropped just 36 pairs when it initially dropped, with the sneakers bouncing around the hands of some of the world’s biggest shoe collectors. Travis Scott has raged in his pair, while others have used the shoe as an investment. A recent pair sold online for about $50,000. 

Fans are stuck in a stalemate as neither side has confirmed nor denied the release. However, if the Instagram post tells us anything, a bumblebee-inspired Dunk High with the Clan’s infamous motif on the heel is expected to be out soon.

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