If the Suit Fits: Slim Fit

January 7, 2013

If you find that wearing a Regular Fit suit makes you feel like you are swimming around in material, maybe it’s time you ditched it and bought yourself a Slim Fit suit.


What’s the difference?! I hear you cry. Well, according to one well-known suit shop website, Slim Fit suits “draw inspiration from architectural minimalism with a focus on immaculate suit tailoring, proportion and design.” Um…yeah.

In simple terms, Slim Fit suits are, well, slimmer than Regular Fit suits. With the jacket, the shoulders are narrower; the lapels are thinner, and the waist will be cut closer. The trousers will be slimmer through the leg and feature a tapered bottom. Think about the tie you’re going to wear with the suit. A regular width tie would overpower the suit, and look larger than normal, as the suit has a narrower silhouette. Opt for a slim or skinny tie to keep in line with your slim suit.

This type of suit is ideal for those who are both tall and thin and short and thin. It is also great for those with a small waist. The suit will hang better and it will not drown the wearer in material. This suit isn’t so great if you’re built like a ruby player, it would be incredibly restrictive, and therefore uncomfortable to wear.

Happy shopping.

By @MasterNath

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