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By October 10, 2012Fashion News


The past meets the present with cult menswear label Realm & Empire.

This label creates cool, casual, comfortable clothing with a vintage twist and a respect for the styles of the past.

It is safe to say that Realm & Empire has raised the bar for menswear brands worldwide.

Realm & Empire take a particularly personal approach to each and every piece of clothing that they create.

Not only do they spend months pouring over every intricate detail of their collections, but they also actively search into the past to find inspiration.

To truly deepen their knowledge of the era that they wish to draw from, Realm & Empire has partnered up with the country’s best Imperial War Museums to aid their research, including IWM Churchill War Rooms in London and IWM Duxford.

This is a brand that cares about the past, and makes the past relevant today.

The ‘Splash of White’ jumper demonstrates just how much thought goes into every piece of clothing.

Realm & Empire discovered during their research that during the blackout, traffic accidents became much more frequent.

Because of this, the government suggested that at night, men should allow their shirt-tails to hang from their sweaters; a practice entirely frowned upon beforehand, to display ‘a flash of white’ for oncoming drivers to see.

The essence of this whimsical yet vital wartime fact inspired this series of clothing and acts as an example of the history gathered by Realm & Empire to fuel their collections.

When it comes to the actual fabric, quality and originality is essential.

From hand printed items (created in a small printer in Nottingham) to soft, stonewashed pieces, this label oozes effortless vintage style.

For the A/W12 collection, Realm & Empire has looked to the military for outerwear inspiration.

Pea coats and field jackets remind us of a time gone by; a smarter, more sophisticated time for menswear, but the production techniques are entirely contemporary, creating the best fit and finish possible.

Realm & Empire is a brand for the style conscious man who understands that we must look back to move forward.

See the entire Realm & Empire A/W12 collection at


By Charlotte Cole

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