Winter Warmers

As the winter days loom ever closer, PAUSE has taken a look at the top accessories to keep you warm through the season.

As much as it is a necessity to wrap up warm, looking fashionable and stylish is always a must.

Topman has a great selection of accessories this season, from wooly hats to fabulous patterned scarves to keep you looking your best this winter.

Outdoor clothing brand Penfield has some great winter warmers to keep you wrapped up this winter.
The brand is well known for withstanding cold climates and their products are made with quality and style in mind.

You can shop Penfield now at ASOS or Urban Outfitters.

Superdry may not be a brand you would initially consider when shopping for your winter warmers, however they have some great pieces.

At PAUSE we love these ear muffs, and at only £16.99 they won’t break the bank.

By Katie Handy-Beith

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