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By November 2, 2012Fashion News, Interviews
Hailing from the streets of Manchester, this Jonny Wolf introduces us to Awake And Dressed ‘s new range of t-shirts. Using quirky slogans and recognisable imagery, the classic white t-shirt is reinvented as a fun way to express yourself through style. Here’s what happened when we picked at the brand owner’s brain.

Awake and Dressed
uses various photographic prints as well as a Jonny Wolf signature, what would you say inspires the photographs selected?

“The selection behind the images is anything that really catches my eye, and that I can work with and turn into a good print. I usually research images as well as pictures I have taken. I try to add my own unique style of design and hopefully this shows in the work I have produced. I work with a photographer Lucy from Starwinkle photography, who has a similar style and take as me. We work well together. ”

We can  see the strong presence of skulls in your work, do they have a specific meaning to you?

“Skulls don’t really have a specific meaning to me really. I have found them interesting to use within the designs. Death and skulls can be quirky and the use of them allows you to explore the subject in a different way. Rather than looking at particular areas and avoiding them I want to push them boundaries and I captured how skulls can be fashionable and incorporated.”

How did the collaboration with Leo B Stanley and his printing company come about?

“When coming up with the line I really wanted to use direct to garment printing. The new technology was something that felt I need to use to get in order to achieve the best results. Having searched around for a company that did it I came into contact with Leo. We hit off and lets just say the rest is history!”

Printed t-shirts are very popular, especially in high street retailers. Are there any stores that are currently producing t-shirts that you could see fitting in to your collection?

“I like the graphic tees that All Saints produce. And also brands such as The Cuckoo’s Nest, they do some great-shirts which interpret design. Blood Brothers also makes good use of graphics. It is important to appreciate other designs to ensure I am developing my creativity.”

Do you have a personal favourite item from the collection?

“I genuinely love the whole collection (I am aware I’m biased) so it’s difficult to choose one. Saying that, if I was to choose one it would be the ‘last bank job’ design. I think this is purely based on a T-shirt that would catch my attention and it has turned out really well.”

What can we expect from the brand in the next couple of months?

“You can expect to see another collection of t-shirts building on the previous collections. As well as branching into knitwear and jumpers (keeping us stylishly warm in the winter) We have explored possible beanie and snapback hats. We also want to push the brand forward into more retailers and spread the word of Awake and Dressed..

Offering high quality cotton that is immune to cracking and fading, we at PAUSE know that one of these would be a great addition to your wardrobe that will last you through wind, rain and sunshine. Go online to get your hands on a tshirt.


By Joyce LaBelle

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