PAUSE Guide: The Snow Style

It’s freezing. But how can you keep in style during the snow without freezing to death or falling flat on your face?

1. Layer up
one jumper-1
You can’t just wear a thick jacket with a t-shirt underneath without feeling the cold. The proper way to keep the cold out (and your Grandma would agree) is to wear as many layers as you can, without looking like the Michelin Man. Pair long-sleeved tops with cable knit jumpers and chunky cardigans. You may even fool people that you’ve been working hard at the gym. (Above jumper from ASOS.)

2. Invest in a decent coat
two coat-1
It’s January, and you’re funds are low from the winter break, trying to make it to payday. But the cold snap is the perfect excuse to go out and buy a coat you can’t afford. Go for something with a classic style, such as a duffle coat, or the coat above, with a standout collar and buttons. You may think it’s ludicrous to spend lots of money on a coat, but remember, if you look after it, it will last for years. (Above coat by Bellfield)

3. Choose your footwear wisely
three boots-1
Unfortunately, a pair of Converse or Vans will not cut it in these Siberian conditions, unless you want soggy feet or you want to be involuntarily sliding down the high street. Your footwear should keep your feet sturdy and warm. Boots are the obvious choice, and the high street has a plethora to choose from, from Chelsea boots to lace ups and stoneman style boots (the above are by, believe it or not, UGG). Anything but Timberlands. You’re not a rapper. It’s not 2001.

Words by: @MasterNath


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