Trend of the Week: Hooded Jackets

By February 13, 2013Fashion News, Style Picks

Just as you were contemplating putting away your winter clothes away for another year, it began to snow. And then it rained. And it’s still cold. So what better way to cheer yourself up than purchasing a new raincoat? Because, viagra let’s face it, it’s looking like it will be needed for a while.


Although it is grey and cloudy outside, don’t let this reflect in your clothing. Stand out from the crowd. Inject a bit of colour to your outerwear and be daring with your palette. The highstreet has many examples of bright jackets in hues of oranges, reds and greens, so there is no excuse to be boring.

vans jacket-1

penguin jacket-2

Having a bright raincoat makes the jacket more of a statement piece, the focal point of your outfit. Don’t overdo it by adding lots of other colours to your outfit. Pick a scarf that compliments the colour of your jacket.

zara jacket-1

Hopefully the rain will give way to something resembling warm weather. Until then, stay dry and stay fashionable.

Orange Parka by Zara, JT Seahaven jacket in Stellar Blue by Vans, Hooded Ratner jacket in Winetasting by Penguin

Words by @MasterNath

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