Brand Watch: Sean Suen SS13

By June 28, 2013Fashion News


What is fashion without art? What is art without fashion? And what would the Sean Suen SS13 collection be without either fashion or art? Most likely just a rack of dull clothes.

The collection is a stand out approach to sleek sharp tailor cuts with a twist of Far East culture and futuristic edge. If we look deeper, it’s clear the distinguishing use of symmetrical hemlines bring about a distinctly masculine look that goes beyond high street urban, casual or even smart outerwear clothes. Contrastingly, the equally balanced hemlines are very much like the traditional wears of the Japanese Samurai Hakama and Japanese Kimono, featuring the combinations of midriff lengths, long lengths, structured shapes and wrap around waist ties, creating wonderfully unique asymmetrical silhouettes (verging on the futuristic of a matrix fashion realm). Just like the Japanese men’s Hakama and the opposing western men’s work suits, the colour palette is predominantly black, white and light shades of grey with minimal gold detail.

Recent trends within urban apparel have been to rock ‘all white’ as the new all black, wear flower and animal all over prints, the wearing of shorts over leggings/tights/ waxed jeans, and leathers; all of which have been demonstrated throughout the high end collection to some degree, yet executed more originally. The mesmerizing kaleidoscope motif of dark forest-like ink stained on each piece heightens the entire lookbook to more than a mere collection of nice menswear but a daring contemporary experiment of amazing visual fashion artistry.

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sean-suen-springsummer-2013-lookbook-derriuspierrecom-21 sean-suen-springsummer-2013-lookbook-derriuspierrecom-18

sean-suen-springsummer-2013-lookbook-derriuspierrecom-15 sean-suen-springsummer-2013-lookbook-derriuspierrecom-12


Words by Abisola

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