Style Watch: Jaden Smith

Roughly this time last month we made loose reference in our feature Welcome Back Air Jordan 5 Grape on Hollywood major actor, producer and rapper Will Smith and now this warm start to June we focus a little style watch profiling on his young son ambitious actor/rapper, Jaden Smith. If you’re unfamiliar of little Jaden in movie The Pursuit of Happiness then maybe from his major role in (1984’s classic remake) film The Karate Kid released 2010. Small boy with the braids? Yupp that’s him and now this year he co-stars (again) with his father in After Earth out 7th June ‘13.



From cameo appearances and spitting bars on mixtape’s to gracing scenes of talk shows, blog sites and magazines, heavy press and promotion has Jaden Smith on rotation and we couldn’t but notice his evolved sense of style. Like many Jaden really made a look for himself playing up to the prior trendy look hinting a little bit of just futurism and Cali-jerk boy swaggin’, with sunglasses, skinny jeans and some high-top kicks on deck!

Karate Kid, Madrid appearance, rolled sleeves of his grey track jacket and rocked dark skinnies with grey suede high- top kicks.

for movie karate kid in madrid appearance he rolled the sleeves of his grey tracket jacket and rocked dark skinnies with grey suede hightop sneaks

Another trick of rolled sleeves with his black on red leather jacket additional accessories a belt chain, studded bow tie, sun glasses and wrist band.

red leather jacket rolled sleeves, blk red silk inlining, studded bow tie

However, merely 14 years old his style appears a tamed/chilled out manner on most days, comfortable harem bottoms and loose graphic vests or hoodies branded by his own clothing line MSFTS. Other occasions Jaden will turn over to stunt and execute stylish high end street wear, animal prints and patterns, studs leather, versatile sneakers , change of hairstyle and overlaying one piece with another to cut in some complementary contemporary shapes to his height and shape.



Yes, we’re gonna have to keep an eye out for more from young Mr Smith.

 Words by Abisola

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