Celeb Style: Miguel x Mr Porter

Miguel teamed up with MR PORTER for an exclusive photo shoot, video and interview. In both music and style he shows that creating your own personal mix, that feels right, is the key to success. Trends can be fun and inspiring, but to follow Miguels example we should never let it stop us from being creative ourselves.


“I removed myself from trying to convince other people that this would work and just started honing my own style. I started producing for myself and trying different things that I thought were cool, that I wasn’t hearing.”

His style of music may have it’s roots in classic R&B, but with a strong sense of his personal style and development he finds himself building a whole new music scene. This way of thinking and creating is also found in his dress style, where the strives to add something personal and new. It can be a white shirt with a color contrast or unique collar design, or adding accessories and new materials.

Miguel4 Miguel3 Miguel2 Miguel5

Read the interview and watch the video here.

Words by Anna Ahren

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