PAUSE Style Guide Special: Graduation Outfits

The want for a girlfriend during early secondary school years is often great; on acquiring one, life is rarely as sweet as thought to be. Teenage prayers for facial hair in many a case are met with patchy strands of hair only visible in areas of good lighting. After much time spent on public transport, car purchases seem all too sensible. Owning one however, has the potential to reinvent one’s understanding of the daily mealtime phenomenon, reducing it from a three-times-daily activity down to a single, sizeable meal at around 4pm–and so the list goes on. Ultimately, there’s something rather attractive about that of which you’re not yet ready for, for instance- adulthood. The likelihood is at some stage you’ve been on the receiving end of a lecture by some grey hair owner warning against the perils of growing up too fast. We do hope you took heed of the message; the last thing you need is to enter the world of work with blazer pockets filled with regret– take for a instance, an under prepared graduation outfit!

For those who have given their parents a first class reason to brag to the family (even that aunt they don’t particularly care for), have an extra button, or five – you’ve earned it. This double-breasted  blazer screams “I don’t know where the local clubs are, but I can point you to the library” – It’s formal, fit for the occasion and easily worn. The cherry G. H. Bass loafers and green knitted tie provide a much-needed dose of colour to the outfit.

Graduation 1

| Blazer: Zara | Trousers: Topman | Tie: Charvet | Pocket Square: Viyella| Loafers: G. H. Bass

A two-buttoned piece is more apt for the (statistically) average student. This blue suit by Asos is perfect for the big day and will be welcomed for many days to come by your working wardrobe. We’ve chosen to team it up with a slim chocolate knit tie, champagne pocket square and brown monk shoes.

Graduation 2


| Suit: Asos | Tie: T. M. Lewin | Pocket Square: Moss | Tie Clip: Foundwell | Monk Shoes: John Lobb |

 Graduating with a third? Why stop your three-year-long course of rebellion here. There’s no written rule that states an obligation to wear smart trousers to a formal event, so why not opt for a spot of denim. We’ve teamed these Topman jeans with a navy blazer, burgundy tie and suede monk shoes. It’s the ideal balance between work and play that you’ve been lacking for at least three years now – the perfect smart-casual affair.

Graduation 3


| Blazer: Topman | Jeans: Topman | Tie: Burton | Pocket Square: DRAKE’S | Tie Clip: Asos | Monk Shoes: John Lobb |

Words by Sidney Korobe
(Guest Post)

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