Reggie Yates x Burton Collection

By July 9, 2013Fashion News


“I’ve had some amazing moments in my life and being able to capture them, and putting them onto a garment is just next level excitement…” — Reggie Yates.

From interviewing artists to being interviewed about style, Reggie Yates has certainly earned his spot on the red carpet. With his signature suits, the British presenter has been gaining the interest of multiple style magazines including GQ, who all applaud Mr Yates’ stylish modern interpretation of the traditional gentleman’s attire.

The Olympics and Jubilee may be over but thanks to the collaboration of two home-grown powerhouses; there’s something for the British to celebrate. The Reggie Yates x Burton collection has arrived on our doorsteps just in time for the heat wave, and PAUSE is certain that the combination of both pleasant surprises will persuade you to stay here for the summer. The collection features printed t-shirts made of the “amazing moments” that Reggie Yates has captured over the years, including mosh pits, Blue Street and even electric wiring.

NEW PR000844a reggie photo tee e-alerts
NEW PR00084411a reggie photo tee e-alerts
NEW PR0008442a reggie photo tee e-alertsNEW PR00083444a reggie photo tee e-alerts

Burton has already unveiled the first set of photographic tees from the exclusive collection, and we’re just as excited as the designer to see the rest. Find more on Burton on how to dress like the most stylish man in Britain.

Words by Joyce LaBelle

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