Brixton Apparel Fall 2013

By August 9, 2013Fashion News

Established for over nine years, the three friends behind street wear brand Brixton continue to produce high quality garments for their Fall 2013 collection. Every line they release stays true to their ethos of simplicity and unparalleled quality, this season being no exception. Their products are timeless classics, an investment.

The collection ties together an idyllic set of autumn colours, from cool khaki trousers to sky blue t-shirt prints, the products are certainly a slip on, feel good and walk (or skate) out the house clothing. Plaid shirts again feature, with an added autumn thickness and a variety of jacket coats that sees Brixton blend together different textures and fabrics. The collection wouldn’t be complete without their signature hats, from beanies to tribly, they have managed to collate a number of styles. Although the collection is more focused on fabric than print, Brixton’s Cali roots are hinted at in their graphic t-shirts with a bold varsity style appearing in both men’s and womenswear.


FA13-Lookbook-17 FA13-Lookbook-22 FA13-Lookbook-26 FA13-Lookbook-32 FA13-Lookbook-48

Brixton Fall 2013 continues to be wearable and brings quality in abundance.

Words by Jordan Bunker

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