Marius Petrus SS14 “Notus” collection

By August 18, 2013Fashion News

Textured prints, haremesque pants, black, accents of colour. These are the word’s that come to mind as you are bombarded by the sheer grandeur and subtle minimalism of the Marius Petrus SS14 “Notus” collection.

Black and white formed the base of the collection as in any other minimalistic approach to fashion but the red and blue pieces such as the coats with a high breast button or bomber jackets took the collection into a completely different league of fashion, innovative and simplistic integrative pieces including an all white two piece jacket and shorts with black piping, Harem styled pants with a tight calf, and satin black scarves.

The most noticeable thing about the entire collection would have to be the Van Gogh textured look prints that grab the attention of the eye and throw you to a sort of Greek feel especially with the blue. Traditional is not in the architectural vocabulary of the pieces.

_MG_3638 _MG_3383 _MG_3410_2 _MG_3733 _MG_3684_2
_MG_3860 _MG_3829 _MG_3798_2 _MG_3598 copy _MG_3493

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Words by Vimal Vallabh

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