Brand Watch: Alexander Charles NY

By September 21, 2013Fashion News

Alexander Charles NY is one of the more recent brands to dip into the emerging world of high street premium fashion. Created by a group of inner city kids influenced by 15th/16th century artistic styles, the brand fuses high-end materials with street wear essentials.

The collection as a whole has a simple canvas that’s dressed up with ornate fabrics and different cuts. Base colours go no further than black, white and navy minus a few acceptions. Their standard ‘Keep It Fair’ pocket tee’s are given a U-neck with the pockets being made out of luxury fabrics such as an off white ostrich leather and a burgundy snake-skin alternative. Contrasting, their ‘Be Natural’ standard tee’s are less elaborate with a more street apparel aesthetic with a few high-end touches. Again u-necks reappear with a plain bottom panelled feature that’s finished with an unfinished cut bottom. The panelled feature runs heavily throughout the collection with yet more rich fabrics that give off an air of supremacy, especially on the PAUSE favourite ‘Ronnie’ sweater which uses a suede option with other materials featured on the pull over hoodies. Another favourite is the Floral print ‘Morty’ jerseys which comes in colourful blue’s that have hints of red and orange whilst seams are stitched with leather.

The elaborate yet overall simple aesthetic make Alexander Charles NY street wear for a modern day aristocrat.

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Photography by Maggie Wall
Models: Steve santos, Phil Sullivan and Edgar Ash
Designed by Danny Leahy

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Words by Kacion Mayers

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