GQ Awards 2013 Best Dressed: Pharrell Williams

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As a female designer, what draws you to design menswear instead of womenwear?

The garments we used for the menswear editorial was actually designed for the female body, it wasn’t until after our collection was finished we realised it could be worn by both male and female – our clothes are unisex and for our next collection we are also working with the idea of creating fashion that can be seen as menswear and womenswear.

How would you describe your own personal design aesthetic?

Our personal design aesthetic is all to do with emotions and feelings, when we design we express our feelings/mood whether its through slogans or colour choices, we like to create a story through our designs to show the beauty of our imagination and inner image.

What designers out there are you most inspired by?

We admire the work of KTZ, the attitude expressed by the clothing is very strong and in your face – we can relate to this style and it keeps us motivated to push our designs to the limit.

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 What is your favourite piece in your collection and why?

Our favourite piece is the PINK FEATHER jacket from the collection “Opposites Attract” – it is the most eye-catching piece and can be worn in many different styles. It can be elegant yet underground style at the same time. It plays with the idea of movement with the feathers blowing in the wind. We love to mix the idea of luxury with everyday wear, the feathers used are treated and dyed which is an expensive process and is a luxurious look.

Tell us about your design process? What happens before the final collection is complete?

Steps of our design process:

  • Research the collections concept
  • Art work based on research
  • Develop the artwork into print ideas
  • Silhouette ideas from research
  • Start initial designs
  • Fabric research
  • Pattern making/toiles

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Your designs are incredibly eye-catching and bright but would you ever work with dark colours?
Our brand at the moment is known for the use of empowering colours and prints. I guess it’s our signature style! We love working with colour because it makes fashion fun. But that being said we would not rule anything out! – so the answer is yes. Our next collection has a dark side to it but I don’t want to say too much.. it’s a surprise!

Your clothes feature a lot of 3D elements like Lego pieces, what else would you like to explore?

Lego is one of our favourite childhood toys, its amazing what you can make/create with Lego – we have recently launched our Lego jewellery line and have had a lot of positive feedback from it, the jewellery line includes bracelets and necklaces. We like working with 3D elements and the idea of structure/shape – we feel it gives the garment/look existence and power. We are currently researching new ideas for our next collection.

What are your plans for the future?  

Plans for the future is to of course expand our brand! We will be show-casting our fashion/accessories at “Fashion Meets Music” pop up store in Camden from the 17th Feb – 2nd March. We are also happy to say we will be showing at Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2014, and then in April we will be taking part in Fashion Cultures Third Edition Event at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Interview: Akeil Onwukwe
Pharrell Williams is taking over this year in style! With his 40th birthday spreading success, music on top charts and a style to inspire us all – his GQ appearance got us speechless. Last night GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013 took place at The Royal Opera House on September 3, 2013 in London. As most men dressed in all black, strongly suited as possible – Pharrell Williams came with a twist. Sporting off a ruffled patterned tux suit in all black, he defiantly had to best outfit on at the night and we’ve rewarded him as the best dressed man.



Words by Johnson Gold

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