Hood By Air SS14 NYC Show

Futuristic menswear designer ‘Hood By Air’ wowed us with their SS14 collection after hitting the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Modern day styles are mixed with logos, prints and distinct accessories. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories, the designs are very vivid and galactic. Hood By Air uses an array of textures and materials to create a wide range of pieces that will definitely make you ‘pause’.

The collection includes double denim pieces, baggy shorts and long-sleeved shirts. Neutral colours are used throughout the collection with black, whites and blues which will be great for the Spring, especially during the transitional period where getting the right colours may be tricky. The incorporation of zippers into the pieces set them aside from others.

hood-by-air-ss14_1 hood-by-air-ss14_5 hood-by-air-ss14_4 hood-by-air-ss14_3 hood-by-air-ss14_2

hood-by-air-ss14_6 hood-by-air-ss14_14 hood-by-air-ss14_11 hood-by-air-ss14_7

hood-by-air-ss14_19 hood-by-air-ss14_23 hood-by-air-ss14_22 hood-by-air-ss14_20

hood-by-air-ss14_24  hood-by-air-ss14_26

This SS14 collection is truly making a statement and will be something to look forward to in the coming months.

Words by Mutay Samede

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