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By October 12, 2013Fashion News, Gadgets

Sometimes in life, if you want something you better get up and make it happen yourself. This is exactly what Steve Sun, founder of the fashion watch brand STORM, did! His first sketches in the early 80’s was so unusual that the factories simply did not know how to produce his watches. Steve decided to learn and master the skills himself, working together with the factories inventing new methods in order to make his dream come true, producing his unique designs which today are synonymous with STORM.

Another story which makes you realize that good things can come out of tricky situations is the fact that when a pilot apologized for a very turbulent flight, because they had flown through a storm, Steve got the idea for his brand name: STORM. A strong and powerful, force of nature.

Since STORM’s conception in 1989 there has been a large number of designs produced and some of their first watches have become collector’s items. On their website you can find a vintage collection of the most unique watches. Perhaps you remember the  “Baby Bubble” or “Thunderglow” trend?

This season we find some fresh new watches and the designs still feels like a great STORM. We at PAUSE have picked out some of our favorites and you can find more on their website.

Trion_Slate lr Trion lr

•    The Special Edition STORM Trion is a watch unlike any other. Featuring three different dials, a multi layer cog dial and rotating second wheel, this futuristic watch is made with high-grade stainless steel and is water-resistant to 50m.

Dualox_Slate lr Dualox_Silver  lr

•    The Special Edition STORM Dualox features dual time, date function, water resistancy to 50m and a unique Crown guard, which provides additional protection to the winding crown.

Dual Square_Silver lr Dual Square_Slate lr

•    The STORM Dual Square is the ideal watch for the ultimate seasoned traveller. It features an impressive multi-layered dial with a dual time function made from high-grade stainless steel and leather, the Dual Square is also 50m water-resistant making it the ultimate travelling companion for any man.

Omari XL_Brown lr Omari XL_Black lr

•    The STORM Omari XL is this season’s most versatile accessory. Fashioned from high-grade stainless steel, available in the richest of shades, the Omari XL is a cooly understated yet endlessly sophisticated watch. Bearing a unique edge to edge glass face and a refined time and date feature, the Omari XL is the ultimate stylish accessory for any gent.

Slimrim XL_Brown lr Slimrim XL_Black lr

•    The STORM Slimrim XL features an elegant glass bezel with intricate date and time detailing, plus ultra slim stainless steel or leather strap. The Slimrim XL leads the way in sleek watch design saying good-bye to chunky men’s styles and hello to suave slim silhouettes.

Words by Anna Ahren

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