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By November 7, 2013Fashion News

A seductive film noir aesthetic and a James Bond-esque feel dominate the new fashion film by menswear brand SOPOPULAR; Distinctive, simple and lux pieces are presented in the short preview. From a cool geometric two piece look, to a contemporary and modern architectural jacket, this collection has a lot to offer.


An edgy street wear aesthetic meets classic silhouettes in this 2014 collection by Berlin-based designer Daniel Blechman.  With an exciting mix of fabrics, like leather and cotton, and a mixture of different pieces, from shorts to bomber jackets, this collection is an innovative and cohesive take on modern menswear.


Contrasting against the geometric forms that feature in the collection is the circular, target-like shapes that are present in the fashion film. The rounded circles draw you in to the SOPOPULAR clothing, and help to give it that Bond feel.

SOPOPULAR is a brand that is helping to redefine menswear and is setting the bar high in terms of quality clothing. The short fashion film aids in showing off the collection’s futuristic and classic-cut look. Take it from us here at PAUSE, this is a label worth watching.

Words by Akeil Onwukwe-adamson
Here at PAUSE we are always taking an interest into the latest collections being released by ROOK. For those who haven’t seen our previous features about the brand (“In the Belly of the Beast” Fall 2013 collection), price ROOK is a street wear brand born in 2009 in California, inspired by all things art. What epitomises ROOK is that their garments stand out, and that is no exception with their latest drop.

ROOK Presents Age of a New Breed from Rook Brand on Vimeo.

Holiday 2013 Delivery 2 was shot by L.A photographer DoomCrue and explores new terrain for ROOK; cut and sew. They have been experimenting with various materials such as leather, wool and suede in order to create a very unique drop. Attention to detail is key, as always, and undivided attention has been paid to the choice of textures they have used. For the brand, it is not only the look of the garment, but the feel also.

Over the past few seasons, the brand has managed to create a strong identity and within the industry and fashion enthusiasts alike will be able to say confidently “That’s a ROOK piece”. Within D2, two key ideas that have been explored: animal print and pattern. Animal print is now turning into an expected thing within streetwear, but ROOK do it right, pushing the boundaries and making it their own. They make their print as bold as it can be and as detailed as can be, especially with their latest caps. As for their exploration into cut and sew, they have produced some “New Jack” varsity jackets that adorn leather arms, creating a more high-end piece. Also, their cut and sew endeavor has seen ROOK create block tees to amalgamate two, and in some cases, three patterns, making for a really eye-catching range.









ROOK continues to deliver and the latest range from ROOK is expected to be available from UK retailers soon.

Words by Jordan Bunker

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