Brand Watch: Dreamwear ‘DreamBig’ Collection

By January 4, 2014Fashion News
Dreamwear is a street wear brand with an uplifting message that resounds behind their daring prints and bold colours. Founded in London, approved their designs are urban with a unique twist in their concepts that enables them to offer up something slightly different from what’s already saturating the market.
Their latest collection ‘DreamBig’ consists of simple street wear with a DreamWear touch. It’s boldness and character is evident in paisley prints and red/maroon tee’s. It’s a complete rebranding with their core message still intact. “Our aim is to uplift and inspire people through clothing. Inspiration is at the core of everything we design, create and articulate and ultimately the reason for our existence. We were born to inspire people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.”DW-PR-1-1






The DreamBig collection is available now exclusively at by Kacion Mayers

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