LCM: A.Sauvage AW14 Show

Sauvage did not disappoint with this collection.


Using fabrics such as velvet, leather, heavy cotton and even a touch of mohair, the luxurious choice of colours and his signature cuts made his first show unforgettable.

Each model supported shades and a rat-tail, the modern punk and mod vibes were most definitely visible throughout. The ex-professional basketball player turned designer Adrien Sauvage, used his Adinkra symbol on sweatshirts with faces of past Ghanaian military leaders to relate back to his roots. The colour pallet used deep jewel tones including plum, maroon, and a dash of emerald green.

PAUSE loved the impeccable tailoring of the structured, overcoats and the very rich, yet extremely wearable tartan and leather combination.

Attention to detail seemed present, each model had a dewy glow and was dressed wearing a turtle neck and polished shoes.

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Words by Emma Williamson

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