LCM: Agi & Sam AW14 Show

Agi & Sam kicked off another day at London Collections: Men with a sharp collection, focused on layering, monochrome and an African masai check.

It was rather shocking to see a more toned down colour palette from the design duo, as opposed to the usual bright tones the brand are more familiarized with.

However, the use of crisp whites and more subdued tones of colour worked in the favour of designers Agape Mdumulla & Sam Cotton.

Every now and then however, Agi & Sam incorporated shocking reds and greens to break up the collection. This was done on a few pieces which highlighted the political message behind the collection, as the designers printed fake African Oil company logos to bring forth ideas about exploitation in third world countries.

Overall, the collection really showed the label’s growth in terms of design. It was refreshing to see cleaner shapes and a strong message being depicted through in a subtler way.

YVL_3984.450x675 YVL_4029.450x675 YVL_4019.450x675 YVL_4006.450x675 YVL_3994.450x675
YVL_4040.450x675 YVL_4070.450x675 YVL_4058.450x675 YVL_4050.450x675
YVL_4080.450x675 YVL_4108.450x675 YVL_4098.450x675 YVL_4091.450x675
YVL_4117.450x675 YVL_4152.450x675 YVL_4139.450x675 YVL_4126.450x675
YVL_4161.450x675 YVL_4197.450x675 YVL_4183.450x675 YVL_4171.450x675
YVL_4205.450x675 YVL_4228.450x675 YVL_4216.450x675

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