LCM: E.Tautz AW14 Show

Inspiration: the life and times of Hogarth’s ‘A Rakes Progress’

Using flannel, wool, rubber and even doeskin (to name but a few), the E.Tautz catwalk showed copious luxury fabrics blended together to bring a full throttle winter collection.  Styled with Louboutins, and with a celebrity audience consisting of the Gods of Suiting (David Gandy, Tinie Tempah, Dermot O’Leary), it’s clear this designer will be the talk of the town.  The doeskin duffle coat, trimmed with military worsted lace, just shows the dedicated detail in design.  Similarly  the grey Linton wool/rubber tweed and black wool/nylon reversible coat further demonstrates the high standards that the garments have been constructed at.

PAUSE loves: Camel geometric check lambswool riding coat.

Hair Inspiration: The styles of Buster Keaton and Edgar Allen Poe meets a sense of madness, the look used unexpected parting placement to offset the vintage groomed style.  Keeping in line with E.Tautz’s groomed look but adding a weird dimension with either too low or too high partings.”

label.m Must Haves: label.m Volume Mousse, label.m Hairspray, label.m Gel, label.m Pintail Comb and label.m Black Tourmaline Dryer.

(Hair by Toni & Guy, using label.m products.  Other grooming by Braun.)

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_ARC0080.450x675 _ARC0121.450x675 _ARC0106.450x675 _ARC0088.450x675
_ARC0132.450x675 _ARC0175.450x675 _ARC0161.450x675 _ARC0145.450x675
_ARC0191.450x675 _ARC0232.450x675 _ARC0216.450x675 _ARC0204.450x675
_ARC0246.450x675 _ARC0284.450x675 _ARC0269.450x675 _ARC0257.450x675
_ARC0329.450x675 _ARC0413.450x675 _ARC0401.450x675 _ARC0370.450x675 _ARC0347.450x675

Words by Samantha Ria

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