LCM: Duchamp AW14 Presentation

In their 25th year, Duchamp celebrated by presenting their AW14 collection at the Royal Arts Academy. Un-traditionally they had models coming to life playing chess, or faux fencing, demonstrating the practicality, yet adventurous and refined aspects of the brand.  “The AW14 collection encapsulates how the discerning gentleman should dress throughout the winter season, featuring an array of fabrics from luxury corduroy suiting, Scottish tweed three pieces and printed silks for evening jackets”.

PAUSE loves the accessories, which include ties, bow ties and pocket squares, separating the boys from the men.BENU9336 BENU9343 BENU9354 BENU9367 BENU9369
BENU9373 BENU9379

Words  by Samantha Ria
Photography by Benjamin Glean

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