LCM: Louis Leeman AW14 Presentation

“The man in a Louis Leeman shoe could be an artist or the flamboyant society man amidst the World’s elitist invited to secret society parties out in vast woods of Bohemian Grove where music, artists and World leaders are found freely wondering under the nights starry filled sky; and whatever would happen behind those closed doors, no one would tell.”
Chic, elegant, luxurious footwear.  A key statement piece for any outfit.  Walking like you are a million dollars.  PAUSE loves the burgundy velvet high tops for this Winter.BENM9273 BENM9281 BENM9279 BENM9277 BENM9276
BENM9282 BENM9289 BENM9287 BENM9285

Words by Samantha Ria
Photography by Benjamin Glean

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