LCM: Matthew Miller AW14 Show

Matthew Millers AW/14 was dark to say the least. Dim blues and blacks dominated the hard look of the collection which although had the aesthetics of a futuristic dystopian uniform, did feature soft feminine curved detailing on t-shirts and blazers. Cape like scarves were bold and almost heroic, which contrasted the general look that was more suited to a villain.

Amongst the rough around the edges styled looks, there was some clean-cut looks with mismatched proportions and layering. Tops were long and popped out underneath knitted jumpers and slightly cropped under jackets whilst the trousers were slightly short in length and swayed around the ankles.

What is also key here is his source of inspiration. Miller handpicked 10 people he knew personally to write for him a written piece, detailing their reality, both dreams and problems. These texts were then realised on the runway, creating the bleak textured patchworks on trousers and “my life is my life” printed jumpers. This collection had a lot of character and emotion involved making the entire thing that much more intriguing.

matthew_miller_aw14_001 matthew_miller_aw14_008 matthew_miller_aw14_005 matthew_miller_aw14_004 matthew_miller_aw14_003

matthew_miller_aw14_010 matthew_miller_aw14_016 matthew_miller_aw14_015 matthew_miller_aw14_013 matthew_miller_aw14_012

matthew_miller_aw14_018 matthew_miller_aw14_020 matthew_miller_aw14_019


Words by Kacion Mayers

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