Men’s Style Tips For A Casino Night Out

By February 4, 2014Culture

Although the word “casino” was synonymous with visiting Las Vegas, it’s transformed into a far more global concept. A casino night used to represent a night out on the town—time spent out among high rollers, sipping cocktails and making conversation all while counting stacks of chips and flipping through cards looking for luck. But now, casinos remain as popular as ever, if not more so, though much of the attention is online.

If this sounds strange or foreign to you, it may simply be that you haven’t thoroughly explored a modern online casino. The BetFair casino provides a nice glimpse at what a high quality online service can offer. It showcases not only the slot machines and simple card games one can find in an app, but also live and interactive activity. The ability to play in a tournament, or compete at a poker table with live users, has greatly enhanced the appeal of Internet casino activity for those who simply love the competition of it all.

But what about those who are in it for the old-school experience? Fortunately, despite the popularity of online casinos (which only figures to continue growing and expanding), real venues still bring in enormous flocks of tourists and gamblers. So for those looking to pick a destination, dress up, and hit the card tables, here are five modern men’s style tips for a night at the casino, some of which were suggested at the Rule Of Style.


Leave The Tie Behind

A tie or bow tie can look very sharp, but it also tends to appear like you’re trying too hard for the Bond aesthetic or classic casino image. Ideally at a casino, you want to look formal, but a casual touch is fine. And for reference, some of George Clooney’s best looks in the iconic Ocean’s 11 were without ties!

Go Beyond Black & White

Black and white suits are classic, and again, you’ll achieve the Bond look. But if you want to set yourself apart in a very subtle way, opt for a navy blue or grey suit, both of which have been very trendy in recent years.

Carry A Sharp Accessory

It can be anything like a nice new watch, a pocket square, or even a set of cufflinks or a belt buckle. You don’t want it all, otherwise you’ll look a bit gaudy. But one or two sharp and classy accessories can make your outfit top-notch.

Everything Tailored & Polished

Too often, people seek to differentiate themselves via a gaudy statement, as mentioned previously. Instead, go for differentiation in the subtle ways that people around you might notice, but not be able to pinpoint. In short, have every aspect of your outfit tailored, ironed, polished, etc. for an ideal fit and smooth appearance. It’s worth it at the tables!

Everything Clean Cut

Similarly, do your best to show up to the casino as clean cut and put together as you can, clothing aside. Keep any facial hair you have neat and tidy, comb your hair, etc., and you’ll contribute to the smoothness of the overall appearance.

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