SR&Co. Jewellery Launch in Shoreditch

By February 3, 2014Fashion Events

PAUSE took a trip to Shoreditch to celebrate the release of the new SR&Co Jewellery collection titled ‘The Usual Suspects Collection’.







DSC02023Established in 2010 by a young South London team, SR&Co. have now set out to rebrand itself in order to become more distinguished and sophisticated. It prides itself on catering for two audiences, the edgy and the classy, with them being drawn in by both style and the jewellery’s sheer quality. SR&Co have the understanding that “every person has an attraction to a certain style of Jewellery “ and that their jewellery is “made to suit different moods and occasions, not just for one type of person.

The new collection, known as the ‘US Collection’ for short, is what they feel represents them as a brand the best. It includes a selection of rings, bangles, 18ct gold, silver and diamonds inspired by 90’s mystery thriller, The Usual Suspects. It’s a desirable collection and is quite clear the excellent craftsmanship that has gone into this new collection in particular. When asked what is was about the collection that expressed SR&Co so well, they said: “the US collection signifies the start of how we wish to proceed in the future in-terms of originality and craftsmanship. We’ve been doing this for roughly four years now and the quality of this collection is what we’ve tried to achieve many times before and failed in the process.”

Also exhibited at the event were the existing ‘Carril Collection’ and ‘Limited Edition Collection’. ‘Carril’, meaning road, symbolises the brand’s drive to move forward and create a strong brand identity for itself through its sterling silver diamond emblem. This was PAUSE’s favourite collection on the night, with its simplistic elegance and the Limited Edition Collection allows SR&Co. to free up their creativity and create one-off pieces.

A thoroughly enjoyable night and we look forward to seeing even newer collections from SR&Co. Jewellery in the near future.

All of the collections will be available to buy from soon with the promise that it will be worth the wait.

Words: Jordan Bunker

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