Brand Watch: Rawvault

By March 15, 2014Fashion News

PAUSE as we introduce you the new rising street wear brand, Rawvault.


Rawvault, a street fashion brand and online store who’ve in more recent times decided to focus solely on their independent label, are ready for action. Amidst the fuss, hype and confusion of the current street wear scene, they wanted to cement their genuine passion and interest with a re-branding, along with a new drop that takes it back to basics.

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100% cotton tees, five panels and snapbacks and sweatshirts with medieval Olde English type down the sleeves are just some of the designs available that are simple and casual in style. There are no gimmicks with the brand; it’s simply raw streetwear with their own touch.


Having previously stocked brands such as The Quiet Life, Casio and King Apparel, you could say their own brand was lost in between the big hitters but this year, we’re promised progress with movement into the higher end of the market whilst still maintaining those affordable prices we love.

Within the new store is a clearance section that holds stock from the brands they used to deal with available at the lowest of low prices. The aim is pretty obvious, clear out old stock to make room for a new limited stock. Limited in the sense that from now on, all we’ll be seeing on Rawvault is Rawvault.

Check out the bargains and new products over at

Words: Kacion Mayers

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