Travel With Style: Casey Neistat for J.Crew Video

Durability, Protection and Style. These are words that sum up the new Ludlow Traveller suit by the luxury clothing brand J.Crew. Giving menswear a good name J.Crew is at the front of luxe,  good-quality men’s clothing.

With a new video out that promotes the brands new versatile suit, the Ludlow Traveller, J.Crew is truly showing that it is not only a luxury brand but that it also has a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Combining idyllic landscapes with seventeen useful tips for the man-on-the-go, the video gives fashion lovers a taste of the adaptability of the new suit.

A series of dapper, understated looking suits are featured in the video, teamed with bright, colourful and patterned socks to give it a modern, casual and eye-catching vibe.

The Ludlow Traveller suit is the perfect blend of formal dress and laidback style to get you to where you need to go.

Words: Akeil Adamson


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