VOTE: Timberlands Vs CAT Boots – Which Would You Rock?

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17 Oct 1965 — Yves Saint Laurent in a Manhattan work room. — Image by © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis
17 Oct 1965 — Yves Saint Laurent in a Manhattan work room. — Image by © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis
Although there have been recent signs of spring, PAUSE thinkS it is always essential to have a pair of boots. However, which boots to buy is the question. The two forerunners are Timberland and CAT. Both brands have had a mini-resurgence over the past year and we have broken down the two footwear brands to help you make your decision as to which ones to buy.


Both are well-established brands with a strong reputation for great footwear, yet Timberlands seem to be seen as the more ‘stylish’ of the two. However, although CAT may have once upon time had the connotation of being just for the working man, they have now been adopted by fashion and street-style and with some aplomb. Aesthetically, CAT has a slightly more bulkier exterior and stronger branding, with Timberlands offering a slimmer fit. When you take a look at their ranges, Timberland offers a lot more in terms of different styles, whereas CAT seems to have just the one traditional style.


Timberland-Pro-Work-Boots image_65168_1_8693

If you’re looking to save a little bit of money then the brand to go for is CAT with their price which is currently on sale at tReds for £79.99. Timberland’s come in slightly more expensive for their more premium boots with prices escalating to anything as much as £160.

Street Style inspiration:

If you’re wondering how you can wear your Timberlands or CAT boots take a look at these street style snaps and how PAUSE thinks you should style them:









So that’s our guide to Timberland and CAT boots, which ones are your favourite?

Timberlands Vs CAT Boots - Which Would You Rock?

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Words: Jordan Bunker

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  • Steven Broughton says:

    Have Timberland Caterpillar & Woodland boots! Would rate in that order too! That said all good boots but Timberland made to last!

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