PAUSE: Five Foolish Celebrity Trends

By April 1, 2014Red Carpet

With it being April Fools today, PAUSE have decided to look back into the red carpet archives and see some foolish looks celebrities have been caught in.

Pharrell Williams at the Grammys


One of the most recent fashion mishaps in recent times is the outrageous outfit worn by Pharrell Williams at the Grammy Awards. Since then, he is rarely photographed without a statement fedora hat and it is definitely starting to be seen as ‘his thing’. Pharrell has picked up his game since however, being featured on GQ’s April edition (with a hat of course).

The Black Suit


Bradley Cooper is the unfortunate face of this post, but it could of been one of a number of A list celebrities. Too many times have people turned up to an award ceremony wearing the simple black suit and tie combination. PAUSE wants celebrities to be more adventurous and unique with their looks – maybe they should take some inspiration from Macklemore and his out-the-box approach.

Randy Jackson at iHeartRadio awards


TV personality and Pop Idol judge Randy Jackson has a few questions to answer with this look. Kudos for his attempt at standing out, but it is for all the wrong reasons. His jacket appears to be inspired by Keith Haring, yet we don’t feel the artist would find this too flattering.

Flying Lotus at the VMAs


The rapper certainly made a statement with this outfit at the VMAs. Although PAUSE does love his Louis Vuitton scarf, the rest of the outfit does not quite click and seems to be trying a little too hard.

Jay-Z at the MTV Movie Awards


We have went way back into the archives to find this retro snap of Jay Z from the 1999 MTV Movie Awards accessorising his suit and tie with a questionable do-rag. Fast forward to now and Jay Z has definitely improved his style, but maybe this was just an off day for the rapper?

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Words: Jordan Bunker

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