LCM: Katie Eary SS15 Collection


Katie Eary’s spring/summer 2015 collection was undoubtedly inspired by some sort of modern day cowboy. The fitted and tailored denim ensembles layered with eclectically printed undershirts and silk shirts gave a sixties hippy chic to the collection. A lot of the collection was tied together with Visvim’s famous suede desert boots. The collection contained a variety of materials and textures, plenty of denim, suede and silk – a truly retrospective cowboy themed collection, that we loved!

YVL_6427.450x675 YVL_6477.450x675 YVL_6463.450x675 YVL_6450.450x675 YVL_6437.450x675YVL_6491.450x675 YVL_6549.450x675 YVL_6532.450x675 YVL_6511.450x675 YVL_6503.450x675YVL_6557.450x675 YVL_6621.450x675 YVL_6602.450x675 YVL_6595.450x675 YVL_6574.450x675YVL_6641.450x675 YVL_6699.450x675 YVL_6678.450x675 YVL_6668.450x675 YVL_6654.450x675YVL_6711.450x675


Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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