LCM: Nasir Mazhar SS15 Collection

Nasir Mazhar presented his SS15 collection at London Collections: Men this week.

As the last show of LC:M, everyone was hopeful to view a brilliant show to finish off the day. What they weren’t expecting was for the extravagant Mazhar to present a stripped back show.

There were very subtle changes from last season’s collection, as this time round it was about perfecting pieces and removing the ‘hype’ element from the brand.  Signature basketball shorts were developed and layered and the ‘Nasir Mazhar’ logo was still prominent, although some would say a bit toned down.

Metallics still played an important role in the collection, although subtler than last season. There were pieces of gold detailing, as well as metallic blues and green jacquard.

Of the development of the brand, Mazhar commented, ‘I want to make clear that this is the wardrobe. These pieces are always going to be in the collections forever. It’s about making people know that’s our image, that’s what we do, and then next season we can develop and build on top of that because these are our foundations. This is our uniform.’

London-born Grime artist Skepta provided the music for the show, and this helped provide the menacing, street element that Mazhar was famed for last Spring/Summer. Overall, however, the collection provided less impact as it was about ‘perfecting the uniform,’ as opposed to providing something completely new and fresh.

Words: Ernela Vukaj

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