Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook

By June 11, 2014Fashion News

Parisian fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has released their Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook. The collection, which we saw earlier this year at fashion week, is full of ultra-luxe takes on menswear staples: aviator jackets, wallabies, belted coats, overcoats and sweaters – all in regal colours and ultra-high quality fabrics. These have been accessorized with the staple and iconic Louis Vuitton suitcases and bags.

louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-1 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-2 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-3 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-4louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-5 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-8 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-7 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-6louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-9 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-13 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-12 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-11 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-15 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-17 louis-vuitton-2014-pre-fall-lookbook-16Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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