The PAUSE Summer Wedding Guide 2014

It’s summer, and some of you may be lucky enough to be invited to a summer wedding – be it in the countryside, the coast or the city. Let’s be honest though, your main aim should be to look as good, if not better, than the groom (it’s allowed, don’t worry). So – how can a PAUSE man dress for such an occasion?

Generally you have to remember it’s summer – stick with lighter fabrics and lighter colours. I’m sure you’ve heard, especially from our twitter feed (@Pause_Mag) that black is the only colour that you should be concerned with, but let’s get real, it’s summer and it’s too hot to wear a black on black so be sensible and mix it up a bit – leave it for the streets.

You should probably already know that you’re going to be wearing some sort of suit or suit jacket. Remember to go for something light coloured, but if you want to pop a bit more go for a nice strong blue for example – avoid black and grey. Also, try to wear a unconstructed suit – this is one without the half or full canvas lining – this makes it fall much better on your body, it is less rigid and more relaxed – suitable for a summer wedding. The SuitSupply linen suits below are our favourites – they are fairly inexpensive but very well made and fit very well. We also love the big swooping peak lapels this year – strong Italian ‘sprezzatura’ vibes. For your tie, take inspiration from below – block solid colours or solid stripes or even intricate details – just keep it vibrant.



Suit Supply


Louis Vuitton SS14

Tom Ford SS14

Bogliogo Unconstructed Blazer

Louis Vuitton SS14

Paul Smith Linen Suit

For your shirts, you can try to mix formal wear with floral prints for a very fresh summer look – you’ll be turning heads but still looking sartorially elegant. Remember not to underdress. Pair one of the floral print button-down shirts with a jacket and matching trousers. Either that or wear a light linen shirt in a nice washed out pale colour, this will make your tie pop even more. If you want something more traditional, go for a solid white or pastel coloured shirt – match the collar of the shirt to your face shape and tie – personally I love collars that are cutaway – giving off a Pitti Uomo vibe.


Courtesy of GQ

For shoes, as much as we love mixing up formal wear with sneakers at PAUSE – we feel that for a wedding you should stick to the environment and the theme, so maybe not sneakers. As mentioned, try slippers with no socks and slim cuffed trousers, like in the Tom Ford look below. Generally, for summer we love driving shoes, tassel loafers, boat shoes, velvet slippers and suede monk-straps. Keep the colour light.

loro piana

457874_mrp_fr_l 440166_mrp_fr_l

430614_mrp_fr_l 415585_mrp_fr_l

407475_mrp_fr_l A1002_9WQ_F0AAB-1


Accessories are always important with a suit. Make sure not to overload it with pins and flowers – be tasteful. Pocket squares are a must – make them a bit a dandy by going for a popping floral or paisley. This will work well if you are wearing a more muted suit because it will pop even more. Never match your pocket square to your tie – if you’re stuck, just match it to your shirt, but be adventurous. It’s summer, show a bit of ankle by not wearing socks – if paired with the right pair of shoes and a well fitted pair of trousers you will look like you’ve come straight from the Italian Riviera or the Milan catwalks. For sunglasses, it’s always optimistic, but if you are going for them take a look at our picks below. Accessorise with minimal pins and flower-pins on your lapels for the extra dandy look.

barton perieria cutler and gross

oliver peoples

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 15.39.22 turnbull asser pocket square silk

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Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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