Alex and Marine for Aigle AW14 Collection

By August 14, 2014Fashion News

Aigle, which translated is Eagle in English, is a French label that has collaborated with two talented artists Alex & Marine to create a new collection of t-shirts and two pairs of trainers for their Fall/Winter line.

Aigle-Alex-Marine (1)

The three tees for men are emblazoned with a bear, a stag and, of course, an Eagle, illustrated beautifully in black and white. The bear and stag, printed in an off-white sit on a black tee, while the eagle is reversed: printed on a white tee in black.

The footwear, featuring feather-like illustrations with intricate shading and patterns, are all white, apart from the artists’ handiwork.

The designs are unique and interesting, perfect for anyone looking for something new and different. The collection is available on the Aigle online store.

Yarden Time Mid CVS Yarden Time Mid CVS Yarden Time Mid CVS Yarden Time CVS

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