Wedding Inspiration: What Rings To Buy & Why

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This summer was all about Weddings.


The Wedding season has inspired us all, and we at PAUSE definitely think if you’re looking to inspire the next generation in the future or just ready to ‘put a ring on it’, planning is always best. One of the biggest (and most important) things most guys struggle with is getting the right ring. If you’re looking for a range of new jewellery; rings of course – retail specialist offers a selection of luxurious engagement and bridal jewellery in all different types of classic styles. If you can vision your dream engagement ring, you can also create your own, Vashi is an online retailer that will ease your planning with a diamond, gemstone or pearl ring.

Question: How to choose wedding rings you’ll both love?


  • Recommended style: Plain Wedding bands
  • Recommended material: Platinum if you are going for a white metal. It is much more resistant than white gold and palladium, so it’s the recommended material for men who’ll be doing handiwork.
  • If you’re conscious of cost, we recommend 9 carat white gold. Palladium would be the cheaper choice, but the ring would probably need replacing after a few years.

Recommended products:

Image 1 - PAUSE mag

5mm court shape platinum wedding ring – £699, medium weight. For men who want a medium-sized ring, discreet and resistant but with a contemporary look.

 image 2 - PAUSE mag

5mm D shape 9k white gold wedding band – £229, heavy weight. For men who want a traditionally shaped ring, that’ll be resistant but at a lower price.

image 3 - PAUSE mag

Traditional 4mm D shape yellow gold wedding ring (9k) – £209

When buying wedding rings for women there are a number of things to take into consideration:

1) Whether she will be wearing the ring with the engagement ring as a set:

If this is the case, we recommend a wedding ring that will match the engagement ring style and that will sit comfortably next to it.

image 4 - PAUSE mag

Twist diamond ring in 18K white gold – £499. The curve allows the engagement ring’s centre stone to sit comfortably. This is a beautiful simple classic design for women looking for a sparkly set.

Choosing the metal:

We recommend gold instead of platinum if the engagement ring is not made of platinum because platinum could scratch the engagement ring. To ensure the style is adequate, the rule of thumb is to use the same metals for both pieces of the set.

Slim plain wedding bands are always a recommended style because they are the least likely style to clash, if the engagement ring is an eye catcher.

image 5 - PAUSE mag

2mm court shape 18K yellow gold wedding ring – £369, ideal for women wearing rose gold or yellow gold engagement rings.


2) If the ring will be worn on its own:

Wearing the ring on its own allows the bride to be more playful with the style and to wear bolder statement pieces.

Channel setting diamond rings, in which diamonds have been set between two rows of metal, are an elegant choice that we highly recommend. They’re pricier, but they’ll never go out of style and will be a ring brides will be proud to wear at all times.

image 6 - PAUSE mag
Milgrain pave set diamond ring in platinum – £999. Great to wear on its own, recommended in platinum to ensure its endurance.

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